FAQ and Trouble shooting for TTR World Tour PS4


Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far - it's been an amazing launch for a team like us. We really value your feedback, but we are getting a lot of questions about the same things and we're struggling to answer them all personally. So here's our Top Three


Q. In multiplayer, my weapons stopped working, mines didn't excplode or I'm being hounded by the #infiniterockettroll


A. We are aware of a bug in Multiplayer that didn't show up in testing, we are working to find out whats wrong and why these weapon bugs seem to happen. Mostly we can see already that if the HOST of a game has a poor internet connection speed, these things can go awry, but rest assured - we are looking into it now and hope to have a patch with your as soon as we can. 


Q. I read on a blog somewhere that this would have splitscreen too - where is it? bring back couch play!!! 


A. As a small team of just 8 devs and 2 programmers, we've had to prioritise 8 Player Network Play over the internet first. We do want to bring Splitscreen eventually, but to do so we need your backing. Now unlike a kickstarter, where you never know if the project will happen, we need you to support TTR and buy the DLC pack so we have create all these new features. Splitscreen, as you can imagine, has quite an impact on rendering and so we would probably have to build bespoke versions of the tracks, that are heavily reduced in polygon count and physics objects to render them x2 or x4 window whilst still maintaining  decent enough frame rate. Put on top of these the joypad/user/age rating handling (requirements for knowing who is at each joypad), you can probably see there's a lot more work than first meets the eye. The complexities of splitscreen mean that it's an expensive feature to put in, but if you want it and you back us to do so, we will, if enough people want it - bring splitscreen multiplayer. Thanks for understanding. 


Q. The music is brilliant - where can I get it?


A. Go to and search for WesSmith or click on this link - Wes is a good guy with an Indie recording label and deserves your fandom :)


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