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Playrise Digital proudly presents ‘Baby Nom Nom’, a unique physics-based puzzle game for iOS and Android tablet devices in which players must release a heap of rice from ever increasingly difficult mazes in order to feed a hungry baby!


In this deceptively easy to pick up and play title, players must solve 36 insanely addictive levels set across three beautifully hand illustrated worlds. Complete each puzzle against the clock by rotating mind-bending mazes, avoiding traps, rescuing the rice and ultimately feeding the baby. Just try not to spill rice on the floor or Baby Nom Nom is going to have the biggest temper tantrum you've ever seen! Sounds simple....don't you believe it!









Baby Nom Nom features:


  • 36 Unique and devious levels

  • 3 Beautifully illustrated worlds

  • Insanely addictive gameplay

  • Game Centre Leaderboards

  • Game Centre iCloud sync saved games

  • 2 Awesome Powerups

  • Clockstopper Power-up gives you a little more time...or a higher score depending on your desire to top the leaderboards

  • Superbowl Power-up makes that last second "oops" moment vanish... (for a while)

  • Traps, locks, teleports, fans, fruit and more....

  • and 1 VERY temperamental baby


Spin the maze, rescue the rice, beat the clock and feed Baby Nom Nom... or else!


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