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Coming to PlayStation®4 on May 3rd 2016.


TTR: World Tour features:

▪ 8 P v P online multiplayer combat racing - it's both addictive and vindictive!
▪ 6 Unique gameplay modes spread throughout the Championships
▪ 90+ Varied and challenging events
▪ 20 Dynamic circuits based around 5 themed locations
▪ Exclusive "YO! Sushi" endorsed race track
▪ 12 Ultra-cool micro racers inspired by some of the world’s most iconic cars
▪ 8 Cunning Power-Up weapons with both attack and defence capabilities
▪ 6 Super-powerful “Wheel Weapons” to give you the upper hand
▪ 20+ Track exclusive Breakbeat soundtrack by Wes Smith (Juice Recordings, San Diego)

iOS Mobile Games Android

Google Play


-  Premium

- Android TV Support

- Google Game Services

- Google + Sign in

- 28 Achievements

- 19 Leaderboards

- Cloudsave​​ (f2p only)

- MOGA and HID controller Support

- NVidia Shield



-1080p 60hz Fire TV Support

- Game Circle Services

- 28 Achievements

- 19 Leaderboards

- Buy with Amazon Coins


Apple's own AppStore editorial teams in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland voted Table Top Racing: "Best Of 2013"


TABLE TOP RACING is available for all best selling Smartphones, Tablets and Microconsoles.


If you ever used loved Micro Machines or Mario Kart, then you'll love this little combat racer! The cars are bonkers, the competition is fierce, the action relentless. On iOS you can hook up against 4 'frienemies' over game centre or local wi-fi and battle for glory. Win coins, upgrade your vehicles and unlock new cars and challenges!


Key Features


​- 17 Upgradeable Cars

- 8 Incredible Race Tracks (Reversible)

- 4 Fierce Championships

- 30+ Special Events

- 6 Unique Gameplay Modes

- 9 Cunning Power-Ups

- 60fps Super-smooth Gameplay

- Multiple 3rd party controller support*

Best viewed with HD settings

iOS Appstore (Removed due to 32-bit exclusion)


- Premium

- Unified build for iPad/Phone/Pod

- Game Center

- 4 Player Multiplayer

- 20 Global Leaderboards
- 30 Achievements

- iCloud Save Game Sync​​

Table Top Racing is available on Vita via Playstation Network, iOS, Google Play and Amazon App Store. All Links are provided below. 

Table Top Racing on Playstation Vita is now just £1.99/€2.99 and $2.99!

Watch the launch trailer below!

What do we mean by 'Premium': No Ads, No Grind 

- All premium versions of TTR have No Adverts at all and the price of the cars, upgrades, wheel weapons and paint schemes have been halved.

- In-App Purchases are still available for you if you want to support the team further and we thank you for any contribution however small. 

- Parents, if you're worried about inappropriate advertising, please us the premium version. We don't have explicit control over the advertising content and so sometimes there will be adverts for dating sites or gambling sites. We DO NOT wish to influence anyone under the age of 18, but our control is limited

Click on the regional store links below to buy now and have it ready to download on your Vita

North American Store

European Store

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