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TABLE TOP RACING is a console quality, miniaturised combat-racer for gamers! If you ever used to love Micro Machines or Mario Kart, then this is for you. The cars are bonkers, the competition is fierce, the action relentless. Hook up against 4 'frienemies' over game centre or local wi-fi and battle for glory. Win coins, upgrade your vehicles and unlock new cars and challenges!


Key Features:

  • 60hz Slick Gameplay

  • 10 Upgradeable Cars

  • 8 Incredible Race Tracks (Reversible)

  • 4 Fierce Championships

  • 30+ Special Events

  • 6 Unique Gameplay Modes

  • 9 Cunning Power-Ups

  • 60hz Smooth Gameplay


Game Centre​:

  • 4 player Multi player

  • 18 Global Leaderboards

  • 30 Achievements

  • iCloud Save Game Sync



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